Homegrown Revolution

I accidentally came across this video the other day, and I have returned to it a number of times since. It is a great inspiration for me and I hope for you too.

Path to Freedom presents ‘A Homegrown Revolution’ A collaboration of selective media clips which feature their urban homestead and farm which focus on the need of radical action — growing food in the city.

This self produced, short music video was shown at Peter Seller’s Cultural Art’s class at UCLA followed by a short presentation by urban farmer, Jules Dervaes founder of Path to Freedom. The class focus was on the art of slow food and among other guests invited were Michael Pollan, Alice Waters and Eric Schlosser.

Like Victory Gardens of yesteryear, start your own homegrown revolution, grow your own food in your back or front yard — for more information visit the urban homesteaders at http://www.PathtoFreedom.com

Or on their online journal at: http://www.urbanhomestead.org/journal

Since the early 80’s the Dervaes family has slowly transformed their ordinary city lot into a self sufficient urban homestead.


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One response to “Homegrown Revolution

  1. mercedes

    really great to see an example of an urban farm and how much obvious pleasure this family takes from
    the whole process. inspiring. now if i could only get myself to water the herbs i plant every year, that would be a step!

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