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Bay Friendly Gardens 7th Annual Garden Tour

Meet Local Gardeners on the 7th Annual Garden Tour

-Jennifer Ketring, Bay-Friendly Garden Tour Organizer

pondPeering through the salvaged blue windows in one of our wind fences or refilling the old terracotta saucers that have resurfaced as watering holes for my honey bees, I’m reminded of the wealth of ideas I’ve been privy to over the years from visiting with tour host gardeners. This year is no different; although I have to admit I haven’t quite gotten around to building the water feature like we saw in Merry & Meredith’s garden.
Going on the annual Bay-Friendly Garden tour is a fun, and proven, way to find inspiration for your garden. It is also a great chance to meet local gardeners and discover tips for integrating Bay-Friendly practices into your garden design and care.
Locally-owned businesses and non-profits will also be hosting plant sales on tour day. This means you’ll have the chance to not only see a tremendous palette of plants, but also the opportunity to bring some home. Some of the organizations participating in tour day plant sales include LEAF (Local Ecology and Agriculture Fremont), the Emeryville Community Garden and Handsown Nursery.

The 7th annual tour continues to be offered free of charge and will be held on Sunday, April 25, 2010. Pre-registration is required by April 15, 2010. Register now!



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Day of the Dead

This years Day of the Dead Festival in Oakland, Californias, Fruitvale District was another beautiful day in this little corner of the city. Each year this event brings Oaklanders, and other out to celebrate the cultural and religious celebration of remembering the people who have passed from this life to the next recognizing the lives that they lived and our connection to them. We bought some of the bright orange Marigold flowers and made a little setting for our own family, a wonderful way to reflect and remember those we miss.

We also love finding great hand made arts and crafts from mexico and local artists, today we bought an oil painting from a local artist for $45. a great price for a beautiful little canvas. A word to the wise, come early for the best selection.


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Face Painting

I have noticed over the past few years that face painting for kids at fairs & carnivals is quite popular.

Today we were at the Day of the Dead festival in Oaklands, Fruitvale District and saw a boot with these pictures on the out and inside of the booth. No one was in the booth at the time we approached and we couldn’t figure out what the purpose of the booth was? Art installation! sure, but right after a little girl joined a woman who began painting a face that she had choosen from the photos on the booth. We laughed took a few photos and then kept going.


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