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Scraper Bike!

I love this! these kids are having a blast! bikes, video, technology, music, potery and all. There also home grown here in Oakland Ca.


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Life in it.

Life in the Fruitvale, is so cool.

It has great Latino culture and all the great things that make Latino culture, Latino culture.

Reminds me a lot of, Echo Park & Silverlake in Los Angeles, and also like San Francisco’s Mission District, and to top it off it has the weather of all of them, maybe even better. ;-7

This section of the blog I will talk about life in the Fruitvale, as I know it and see it. And hopefully promote it as a great place to live in Northern California. With a Bart station at the Fruitvale Transit Village your connected to the entire bay area! There is also plenty of casual carpooling going on as well going into San Francisco during business hours.

With the down turn in housing and the rise of foreclosures in Oakland, the Fruitvale District is also feeling and seeing these effects. What this means to people just now looking to get into a home of their own, is a market flush with great little properties in a beautiful spot in Northern California, at great prices!

Tomorrow morning we are going to the Day of the Dead festival on International Blvd, and will be sure to post some photos from our adventure later that day.

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